MyLot ( ) is a website / forum that pays You for posting/ networking & doing simple tasks. It’s online for over 7 years and has been paying.  Imagine this site just like any other forum, What makes it different is, They do Pay!

To be honest, I have been quite thrilled with their Idea of sharing revenue. Any useful thing you do here, gets you earn money. They are Legit and trusted being online for long now. I myself got paid 5 times.

How to earn money with mylot? There are several ways for you to start making money here. I will mention them below.

Be active in Discussions:  Take part in discussions on forum. Ask questions, Post replies, Upload images. Now this seems Odd but Its true. If you ask something and people reply to your post. You earn money. Same way If you reply to someone else’s post, You earn as well. Remember, Post you submit should have some weight. It’s quality over quantity. So avoid adding useless one line comments or posts. Try to submit something useful and informative and that should get you going. More you’re active, More money comes to your main balance.

earn with mylot

Complete simple tasks: This is interesting, You get paid for doing simple tasks and offers sponsored by other mylot members and advertisers.  All you got to do is read the instructions and act upon. Submit proofs as directed and wait for approval. After that is done, You will be paid for your work. Simple as that.



mylot earning

Refer other people to mylot: You get 25% of your referral’s earning for life. Any body who joins mylot with your Link. That is a chunky bonus for you. You get earnings from your downline. So try to promote your referral links on other forums, Ptc Sites and Blogs.


Payment Proofs: They have been paying without any issues. Here are some payment proofs.

payment-proof-mylotmylot-payment-proofmylot payment proofs


I feel mylot is a great site to earn money easily, and You can get alot of information. Let’s accept the fact that we all do go to furms anyway to get pieces of information related to our interest. Well This one Pays off.

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