Neobux Auto Renew & why should you use it


neobux auto renew

Auto pay only works if the referral:

  • Has 20 days remaining
  • Is actively clicking

Each time a referral clicks, 1 day will be added to their expiration date. So, you are automatically paying for them from your rental balance. It is useful if you have a lot of referrals and don’t want to renew them. Your referrals will not expire as long as they are clicking, and you will save 10% in renewal fees over time.

AutoRenew is a relatively new feature in Neobux – the way it work is simple,  You can choose when you would like to renew a RR,  and for how long.  For example, you can renew a RR for 30 days just 3 days before the RR’s expiration date.

The discounts are as follows:
15 days – no discount
30 days – 5% discount
60 days – 10% discount
90 days – 18% discount
150 days – 25% discount
240 days – 30% discount

240 days is actually 8 months! It means you don’t have to worry about renewing that referrals for 9 months, and you are receiving the maximum discount possible.

When you have enough money to renew for 90 days, turn Auto Pay off, and turn on Auto Renew. Depending on how many referrals you have, and how much money you have in your balance, select the discount days that best fits you.

AutoPay is more useful for standard members than upgraded members. Why? Because at some point, renewing is more beneficial than using auto pay. AutoPay will give you a 10% discount, but if you renew for 90 days, the same 10% discount you will get for 60 days of renewing. When you renew for 90 days, your discount is 18%, which is higher than that of AutoPay, that is why at this point you should turn AutoPay off.


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