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Now as we talked earlier about How to Make a Ptc blog/website. Lets talk about How do you promote it. Because having a blog or website has no value if you got No traffic ( visitors), Your potential referrals.


ptomote your ptc link

Social Media:  is the best way to keep your readers/ visitors to come back on your site. Open a twitter/facebook or digg account ( fan pages). Whenever you put something new on your website, Also update your facebook/twitter pages as well.  That way some of your readers will find the way to your site again.

PTC Forums: Find some active forums related to ptc talks. Be present there and try to put your 2 cents time to time. As it will let others feel your existance, Leave your site’s link in your posts or signature. If your posts are worth reading,   Some one will read your posts, agree with it and visit you sooner or later. Same way if you are submitting any payment proof to those forums, Put your referral link there. If there is any board to Ptc sites, make sure to represent Yours, It will help the cause.

Traffic exchange:  Try to get involved in the method as I found it very effective.   A traffic exchange site shows you different sites and in reward Site awards you with credits, You can use those credits to promote your website link  and You get same response from others. Do it constantly,  and people will learn to know you and your site. It will memorize You in other’s mind.

Seo : Search engine Optimization is very effective but Less is taught how it actually works. You don’t have to be a high tech genius to learn SEO, atleast you can be smart enough to use this method and get benifits. If you are using blogger,  make it your habbit to set TITLE & ALT for your uploaded images, set labels for your posts.  If you are on wordpress, get some SEO plugin, which will help you set meta tags, Titles, Focus keywords.  SEO method is  for long term. but Nothing is better than this If you are looking to bring Quality traffic to your website or blog.

Keywords: Try to make perfect keywords for your post/pages titles. Like ” is Neobux Scam?” or ” is buxp Legit?” I myself when want to join a site, first i type these keywords to learn the reviews of others. So Use effective keywords. A must habbit.

Stats checker: You got to get a stats checker for your blog/site. As it will help you know who’s coming and from where. Keeps you updated about your site’s traffic. check out Histats or flagcounter.

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