lets find out with the Buxenger review if it is really legit and worth joining or just time and money wasting and just another SCAM !!!

Buxenger review


Buxenger review

Man, I’ve got enough from all the new typical PTC sites, most of them are SCAM.


This is not even a PTC SITE

SO, what is BUXENGER?

Buxenger is free software that allows you to manage multiple PTC sites in one place making it easier and faster to register, and track your site,I didn’t find much about Buxenger review so I decided to make one so you can fully understand what this is all about.

Instead of wasting time, login into each PTC site and clicking one by one all the ads, just login at all in one place, add all your ads to a playlist and view them in slideshow to save time, each box represents a PTC site. Boxes display balance, direct refs and number of available ads.


Is Buxenger legal?

It is totally legal and doesn’t break with the TOS of the PTC sites; PTC website owners give their approval before adding their sites to Buxenger sites list. This guarantees there will be no problems using the software, actually it has been running for 4 years now without any problem, in contrary it keeps growing and reached more than 400 PTC registered, and the list keeps on growing.


what if I didn’t find my favorite site?

 Just add your favorite site to their search and check if it is available or not if not, just ask them and they will check the stability of the site then add it.

Remember, all the registered PTC sites are LEGIT, that gives you the opportunity to discover other sites you don’t even know about.


That’s it?

Of course not, keep reading.


Tired of getting refs separately on each of your PTC program

All you need is Buxenger

Buxenger affiliate program

Buxenger enables you to get tons of direct referrals by sharing just one referral link.

Here is how

1- Adding sites to Buxenger

  •      Once you register an account in Buxenger you can add your PTC sites up to 5 sites, you can navigate through there search to find out if your site is supported or not, right now there are 400 sites available.
  • I recommend to choose from the available sites because that means they are legit and stable so even if you are not a member in a certain PTC site you choose you can register a new account through Buxenger

2- Promote Buxenger link

  •  once you set up your account all you have to do is using the ref link they give you to get direct referrals for the 5 ptc’s

3- Get Buxenger refs

  •  once your referral navigate through the list and choose the site you are joining they immediately become your referral in the chosen PTC. 


Buxenger review


Imagine you have 10 PTC sites, instead of sharing 10 links you only share your Buxenger link and once your ref join your PTC site that is in the list, it becomes your PTC ref. awesome right 

And if you face problem getting referrals they offer you to buy Buxenger refs and they become yours for life. Every PTC account they create in future will automatically become your direct ref. 1 referral for 1 $ only.

Premium affiliate program

Here comes the beauty

Premium members receive an extra incentive that really pays off: 1$ for every month of premium their referrals purchase or 50% of year and lifetime memberships. 

Buxenger review premium


when you upgrade paying only 2 $ per month you get many benefits such as:

1- you get referrals for unlimited no of PTC’s sites

2- for every referral that upgrade you receive 1 $ commission per month  

Let’s say you have:

  •  1 ref that buys 1 month Premium: You make 1$ 
  •  3 refs who buy 2 months of Premium: You make 6$
  •  5 refs who buy 1 Year Premium (worth 20$): You make 50$

 Imagine if you can promote your link and get 500 refs, how much commission you will get.


Here are my payment proofs:


Buxenger payment proof



Buxenger paypal payment proof



Finally, according to the Buxenger review, I recommend joining Buxeneger as it is legit and you can earn even much more than any typical PTC sites as the upgrade fees is affordable and you will get back your money in no time. 

  • if you want to find more legit PTC sites check the list of the best PTC sites



Buxenger review: scam or legit