Clixsense was started in 2007 and they are very much active since last 10 years, without any repayment concerns to those around the world. it is considered Work-at-home scheme You can trust them and get involved without any worry. Here in this clixsense review you will understand benefits and trustworthiness of the program.

ClixSense is the most reliable website for individuals all over the world. It is one of the very best website for everyone to earn passive income. I have personally earned on ClixSense. If you have any doubt about clixsense, keep reading clixsense review to explore more.


Clixsense review-secrets revealed 


About Clixsense

When Clixsense started this, they had only PTC business and later evolved as king of PTCs and possess a variety of options to make money besides watching PTC ads.

They have over six million members in their data base and still growing consistently. Read this clixsense review and understand how you can earn USD 300 every month without investing anything.


The clixsense owner, Jim Grago is very open and you can be sure that your earnings will always be safe. As soon as you reach the minimal threshold, you can withdraw your earnings to your favourite payment processors.  

Clixsense review


I made profit from clixsense and it is the most trustworthy and authentic web site on internet which is clear from the fact that it is consistently paying last 10 years. Anyone can earn few dollars daily simply accomplishing surveys without any testimonials.


It is a well-known fact that many people are earning money from Clixsense just by watching ads, performing jobs and answering surveys. You can find only few Authentic PTC Sites on the market and Clixsense is one of them.


Associates from the United States along with other top countries like UK, Canada as well as Australia are earning more than others. You can easily make money on a monthly basis simply by visiting ads and completing surveys.

You must have minimum USD 8 in your account to get paid via PAYZA, NETELLER, PAYONEER, SKRILL and PAYTOO. Sign up and just start earning.

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Keep reading Clixsense Review to explore many ways to earn money from clixsense.






You can generate money from Clixsense by performing various routines on the clixsense site. These Routines include

1) Visiting different websites

Earning money just by watching advertisements is the major source of income on ClixSense. Whenever you click on ads option, you will discover variety of ads waiting for you to view and earn. In this option, you will need to watch the ad for 60 seconds or 30 second or 15 seconds. You can easily earn from USD .02 to .05.  


2) Completing paid surveys

You may click on Surveys tab, find surveys that are available and complete them to earn money. You will definitely get paid USD 0.5 to USD 1 for finishing these surveys. Whenever you sign up, you will get 3-4 surveys.


3) Completing free offers

This is another great way of making profits on clixsense. This is very easy way to make money just by visiting and completing free offers. You can find variety of offer suppliers on clixsense. In this option, you can make money by getting apps, watching videos, hearing music and so on. You can even check these every day so that you never miss any of these offers.


4) Doing Micro Jobs

This is the most lucrative method to earn cash from clixsense because there are many micro jobs available. You could earn considerably more than watching advertisements. These tasks or jobs are small work like evaluating sites, editing specific images, research work, educational research, keyword research and so on. These jobs are provided by crowd flower on various platforms but still clixsense is the best platform for these jobs. You may earn money from clixsense by performing these micro tasks and earn great income which is a great alternative to watching advertisements.


5) Play ClixGrid

You may also earn some income when you play ClixGrid game in ClixSense. It is quite simple to try out this ClixGrid game. You can make up to up to USD 10 every time you play and win this game. When you click on play, you can find a grid picture. You have to click anywhere in the graphic to experience this video game.


6) Take part in Contests

The weekly competition is a straightforward competition running seven days a week that give reward to top 10 workers. The prizes, totaling USD 100 per week, are dispersed in the following manner:


First USD 50

2nd   USD 20

3rd   USD 10

4th to fifth USD 5

6th to 10th USD 2


7) There are many other options to earn money like Matomy wall, Supersonic advertisements, Token advertisements, Super reward, listening to radio etc. But these options will not give sufficient earning, unless you have enough time and patience go for this slow earning option. Otherwise, follow the great earning option by focusing on referring people, which has no limit on how much you can earn.


What is the meaning of Sponsor within Clixsense?

Imagine ‘A’ has an account on ClixSense and person ‘B’ joins by means of  an affiliate link of ‘A’ then person ‘A’ will likely be called as sponsor of individual ‘B’. Individual ‘A’ could be the recruiter of person ‘C’ or ‘D’


What does referral mean in ClixSense?

Imagine that individual ‘A’ is having an account on ClixSense and person ‘B’ is recommended or referred by person ‘A’ then individual ‘B’ becomes a referral of ‘A’.


8) Refer other people

ClixSense is the most profitable affiliate programs on the internet. With the unlimited number of referrals you can have as a standard member you are not just compensated for referring others but you additionally get money whenever your immediate recruit clicks on PTC Ads, buy products or ads, complete easy tasks with several channels of income, there is no limit to your earnings. Commission or earnings for premiumClixsense top sponsors level members are much more than Regular associates – upgrade yourself as a premium member to avail maximum benefits! Refer Others And Grow Your Income!, more you refer more you earn



  • If you look at the picture, the high lighted sponsor “Orlandox1” you will see that he has joined 25 Apr 2016 yet he has 5,449 referrals 

          Imagine how much earning he gets!! 


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Here comes the most important feature which is the affiliate program they offer when you upgrade as a premium member for just 17 $ per year beside many other great benefits



Clixsense Affiliate Program

What does “8-Level Affiliate Program” imply? It implies that your earnings from this affiliate program will continue even after 1 or 2 levels, you will also get money up to level 8. Isn’t it amazing? Whenever your immediate recruit or referrer upgrade, you will be instantly compensated by USD 2.00! In case you are a premium member then if your referrer recommends others who also upgrade then you will earn USD 1.00 up to level 8!.

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 Keep reading the Clixsense review to find other benifits


 Other benefits that you will get by upgrading


  • PTC Ad clicks

As a premium sponsor you will get higher commission from your referrals for every Ad type they click than if you are a standard sponsor.


  • Referral signups

As a premium sponsor for each direct referral you recruit that earns a total of USD 5 you will earn 2 $ as a commission while if you are a standard sponsor, each DR you recruit that earns a total of USD 10 you will earn 1$ as a commission.


  • Offers and surveys

As a premium sponsor you will get 10 % commission for every task and offer completed including taking surveys, cashback, shopping, free downloads, etc., while it is 5 % as a standard sponsor.


  • Advertising sales

As a premium sponsor Earn even more whenever your direct referrals purchase Ad Credits or ClixGrid links, you will earn 10% up to 2 $ commission per purchase unlimited for each referral while as a standard sponsor you will earn 10% up to 1$ per purchase with 100$ limit per referral.


With this way, you can earn far more than USD 100 per day.


Summary – Clixsense Overview

Clixsense is easily the most trustworthy and honest PTC web site. You can earn money for clicking Ads, attending surveys, performing small jobs, finishing offers and so on. Try to complete as many survey as you can.

I am sure you have mastered the art of earning money through this Clixsense review. Now you will be eager to join and start earning money. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.




Clixsense review – Clixsense Secrets revealed