Gptplanet ( ) is another great Ptc site that pays for Paid to click Advertisements  and paid to sign up offers. It’s been online for over 3  years . This site can be considered a stable and Legit site. Admin Dimitris also owns another Ptc site Scarlet-Clicks.



all countries accepted – paypal/payza/libertyreserve are payment options – cashout wait time is upto 3 days – unlimited direct referrals – 10% referral’s earning – has a forum -


How to earn money with gptplanet? You can earn money on this site by methods mentioned below

Paid to click: You can earn money by viewing Ads, there are 3 type of ads, Macro, Mini & Standard. Rate per click ranges from $0.0005 to $0.002.



Paid to Sign up ( PTSU): By completing simple sign up offers You get credited cash into main balance. Read the instrucions per Ad and submit proofs of completions to get rewarded.





Rent Referrals to earn more: You can rent refs to get a boost in your earnings. Remember to click everyday to get credited from your downline earnings.





Promote to get Direct Referrals and earn even more: Always a goodie for active promoters. Work on your affiliated links to grow downline and keep earning for life. Though Gptplanet sells direct referrals too. But i would rather rent them or work to get by advertising my link.


As a conculsion I think Gptplanet is a small stable earner. A legit and trusted Ptc site. Check it out and see If You like it :)



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